Get involved: Continuing Healthcare Patient Experience Project

The aims of the project

At the moment there is not one way of measuring how a person, who is receiving Continuing Healthcare (CHC) support, feels about the care and support they are given.

This care and support includes:

  1. Through the CHC process 
  2. The support they are given by their local CHC team
  3. The care they receive from the provider of the care, such as the care home with nursing or paid carers 

The main aim of the project is to develop ways of measuring a person’s experience of CHC including the process, the care they receive, and the service they receive from local CHC teams in the NHS.

It is also very important that these measures can be used by NHS staff, other health professionals and care providers to improve quality and support people to have a better experience of the care they receive as well as the CHC process. 

How are we going to do it?

We believe that if we are to be successful in developing ways to measure a person’s experience of CHC we need to make sure the following people are involved in the project: 

  • The patient and/or family members 
  • Local Voluntary Groups who support people who have CHC needs
  • NHS staff and providers of care 

Further details can be obtained by clicking here

We are very keen to have people’s involvement, ideas and support in the project so if you are willing to be involved please contact: