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 Gill Gibson 

Welcome from Gill Gibson, Director of Nursing and Quality, Single Commissioning Function

Welcome to our page dedicated to care homes within the Tameside and Glossop area.  With our aging population with higher level complex needs it is vitally important that we work in partnership with the care homes and the care homes with nursing to provide the highest quality care for people in our community.

The aim of this page is to support local care home managers and staff in delivery high quality care to our residents by providing links to good practice and offers of support.

We are really keen to hear your ideas and comments, please e-mail us at: Email

  • CQC – Important information for care homes and with nursing
    The CQC website provides a wealth of information that will be useful for care home and with nursing home managers including:
    • Guidance on care standards
    • Registration
    • Notifications
    • Inspection and monitoring
    • Contact information for providers on residential adult social care​.

  • Contract performance and quality assurance
    Welcome to the Contract Performance and Quality Assurance section.  In 2017 we spent time looking at our contract performance and quality assurance processes for Tameside* Residential and Nursing Homes. Thank you to those of you who helped us in the development and testing of the new documentation and attended the engagement events in September and November 2017.

    The new documentation is being implemented from January 2018 and all homes have been written to with details about how the process will work. A summary is provided below:

    • Revised pre-visit questionnaire: this will be provided to you six weeks in advance of your annual contract performance visit. It should be completed with accompanying evidence and returned by email to:, no less than two weeks prior to the visit.  An accompanying guidance document has also been developed to support completion.   If you would like an electronic copy of the questionnaire and guidance please email:


    We will be reviewing how the documentation has worked in the summer of 2018, we welcome your views and suggestions, please contact us by email:

    NB: Please note Derbyshire County Council will continue with existing contractual performance processes for Glossop residential and nursing homes.

  • Digital Health
    The purpose of the digital health scheme is to allow residents and their carers to contact clinicians at the Digital Health Centre to have consultations on health conditions as they arise, allowing the person to be treated remotely where this is clinically appropriate.  Initially the focus of the work relates to intervening at a point of perceived crisis but can be developed to avoid in some instances, where clinically appropriate, to reduce the need for residents in care homes to attend hospital where this could be delivered through a digital interaction.

    It is acknowledged that interventions from neighbourhoods will be closely linked with digital health in care homes and therefore clinical pathways will be co-designed with localities.

    This would mean, for example, that a patient with Parkinson’s disease living in a residential home will be able to access clinical advice and support through secure video conferencing at any time of the day or night, so in the event of a fall, an experienced nurse in the Digital Health Centre would be able to assess the patient using the video link and after consultation with the patient or staff access records and make an informed decision around a safe plan to allow them to be cared for in their familiar surroundings, rather than transferring them to A&E if unnecessary.

    In addition, the enhanced care model provides links to social care to complete a falls prevention assessment of the layout of the patient’s room, and a multidisciplinary team including carers, nurses, therapists, social care and the voluntary sector work in partnership to deliver care and support, promoting independence and improving quality of life.

    What are the benefits to residents?
    • Treatment in their place of residence
    • Professional safe up to date care
    • Face to face conversations
    • Offers reassurance to patient as we are able to see the problem
    • Reduces waiting for the GP visit
    • Accelerates other community services and wrap around care
    • Gives relatives time to ask questions and speak with trained staff
    • Follow up service
    • Free at the point of access


    What are the benefits to care staff
    • Immediate advice and guidance
    • Reassurance
    • Saves time from waiting on the phone to contact GP and other health care services
    • Reduces the need for staff to attend hospital with patients if patient able to remain at home
    • Call back service check how patients are doing
    • Ability to call back as many times as required should the situation change
    • Simple to use equipment
    • Training and development of staff
    • No additional costs to the home 


    Operational hours and contact details
    • Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm,
    • Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 6pm - this will be extended in the near future to 10pm
    • The contact numbers for the centre are 0161-922-4459 | 0161-922-4460 | 0161-922-4257


    Useful information for care home and care home with nursing managers

  • Medicines Management
    The Medicines Management team is a team of pharmacists and technicians employed by NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to provide advice and support in relation to medication.  We assist GP surgeries, pharmacies, care homes, other health professionals and patients.

    The main focus of their role is to support GPs to prescribe quality and cost-effective medicines, and most of the team work from GP surgeries across Tameside and Glossop (T&G) for the majority of their role.

    The team is also available to offer:

    • Advice to care homes (nursing and residential) with regards to medication queries; medication errors; problems involving pharmacies/GPs; best practice etc.
    • Support to the council and/or continuing healthcare team in the form of medication audits at care homes
    • Support at the surgeries to rationalise/bring in line medication
    • Advice on appropriate treatments


    The Team – contact details and working hours


    Job Title

    Contact Details

    Working Hours

    Peter Howarth

    Head of Medicines Management

    07791 020 289

    Monday- Friday

    Clare Liptrott

    Medicines Management Pharmacist and NMP Lead

    07500 571 605


    Tuesday - Thursday

    Lisa McManamon

    Medicines Management Technician

    07500 571 606


    Mon – Weds


    Hannah Todd

    Medicines Management Technician

    07500 571 771



    Katie Heywood

    Medicines Management Technician


    07500 571 566


    Mon – Friday


    Elaine Gallagher

    Medicines Management Technician

    07500 571 604


    Mon – Fri

    Saarah Niazi-Ali

    Antibiotic Pharmacist

    Weds – Fri

    Sarwat Rahman

    Antibiotic Pharmacist

    Switch board @ TGH:

    0161 922 6000, bleep 1686

    Monday –Friday

    Dr Sacho

    Consultant Microbiologist

    Switch board @ TGH:

    0161 922 4086 and ask for his mobile



    Nice guidance for managing medicines in care homes

    Administration of medicines in care homes (with nursing) for older people by care assistants

    Care home and with nursing – T&G medications management assessment tool

  • Nursing Home Specific Information
    The Queens Nursing Institute has launched a new educational resource for nurses who work or are considering working in the care home.

    The QNI offers a range of free online resources to support nurses who are new to community and primary care settings. These resources are designed to be useful for student nurses, nurses who have recently started working in the community, or who are considering a career move. The resources are designed to be used with the help of a mentor.  For further information visit the QNI website here

  • Older People's Mental Health
    The Mental Health Service for Older People provides assessment and treatment to clients who are suspected or have a confirmed diagnosed mental health problem.  This can include a patient with a diagnosis of:
    • Dementia
    • Depression
    • Delirium
    • Psychosis


    The teams are able to offer support with behavioural management; delirium management; medication advice; capacity assessment; diagnosis; managing risks associated with behaviour; education and advice on mental health issues to clients, carers, professionals.

    Information is available by clicking on the links below:

  • Pressure care

    Ulcer prevention training 2018

    For course information click on the button above.

    The Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (T&G ICO)Tissue Viability service operate both in hospital and within community services.  They offer training to all care home staff, and will also visit patients within the care home settings via referrals from the district nurses and/or GP.

    They are an integrated service which provides a wide range of services and education regarding all aspects of Tissue Viability, these being:

    • Pressure area care
    • Specialist dressings and advice
    • Pressure relief equipment advice
    • Lymphedema services


    Their services are available through referral methods (GP, district nurse, etc).

    They also provide pressure ulcer training to all care home staff at the hospital site, this is open to all staff working within the care home environment. Dates will be available soon via this web page.

    Contact details


    Useful Links

  • Queries and ideas

    We are very keen to hear all of your comments, ideas and suggestions on how we can improve this webpage. Please contact us by e-mailing

  • Safeguarding
    Safeguarding is the protection of adults and children from abuse neglect or harm.  The key pieces of legislation that we refer to in order to protect children and adults are Children Act 1989, Children Act 2004, Children and Families Act 2014 and Care Act 2014.

    The Care Act 2014 describes an adult who may need protection under Adult Safeguarding Duties as:

    • A Person who is 18 and over
    • Have care and support needs
    • And is experiencing neglect or abuse or is at risk of neglect or abuse
    • And because of the care and support needs is unable to protect themselves

    The Care Act requires that each Local Authority must make enquiries, or cause others to do so, if it believes an adult is experiencing, or is at risk of abuse or neglect.

    Safeguarding is Everybody's business
    • If you suspect a child or adult is being abused and there is immediate danger you must call the Police on 999.
    • If you suspect a child is being abused or mistreated or you have concerns about their welfare but they are not in immediate danger you must contact: Children's Social Services (Tameside) on telephone: 0161 342 4101.
    • Tameside Safeguarding Children Board - local policies, procedures and publications.
    • If you suspect an adult is at risk of abuse or being abused you must speak to your organisations Safeguarding Adult Manager immediately following local multi-agency policy and guidelines.
    • Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council - Adult Abuse (Safeguarding Adults).
    • If there is not a Safeguarding Adult Manager in your organisation or they are not contactable then you must contact the Adult Social Services (Tameside) on telephone: 0161 342 4299/2400.
    • For information about Safeguarding Adult Training including Safeguarding Adult Managers training contact the Adult Safeguarding Team on telephone: 0161 342 5217/ 5229/5243
    • For the Greater Manchester CCG Safeguarding Standards please click here


    Derbyshire Safeguarding Children’s and Adults Information and Contacts

  • TMBC training

    For information on local training opportunities provided by Tameside Training Consortium please click here.

  • Infection prevention and control
     Breaking the chain of infection
    The Infection Prevention team acts as a source of specialist advice within the Tameside and Glossop area. The team is based at NHS Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust and is available to provide residential and nursing homes with specialist advice and support with:
    • Infection control issues
    • Management of outbreaks
    • Information about health care associated infections
    • Leaflets and posters regarding information prevention
    • Audit and audit advice for homes
    • Support with infection prevention training
    Contact Details
    • Peter Morgan, Lead infection prevention nurse
    • Lesley Murphy, Infection prevention nurse
    • Michael Lickfold, Infection prevention nurse
    • Tel 0161 922 6194
    • 3rd Floor Charlesworth Building,Fountain Street,Ashton-Under-Lyne OL6 9RW


    Infection Control

    Below you can find links to general information about infection control and resources such as posters and educational information.



    Hand Hygiene

    Outbreak management

    Posters and leaflet


  • Working with people with Dementia



    Tameside and Glossop Carer Information Sessions 2018  -

    Do you support / care for someone with a diagnosis of Dementia?


    Carer Information Sessions 2018

    Tameside and Glossop Dementia Awareness Training - 2018 dates for staff  Dementia Awareness Training and Events
    John's campaign  PowerPoint slides
    Printable leaflets on a selection of topics relating to Dementia  Dementia UK website
    Admiral nurse in Tameside and Glossop.   Who we are and contact details 
    Admiral nurse referral form  Community referral form
    Twiddle muff  Knitting pattern and crochet pattern

    Do you care for someone who has dementia and worry they may go missing?

    The Herbert Protocol

  • End of Life care

    Training 2018 button

    Six steps to success to providing end of life care in care homes. 

    For course information click on the button above.

    End of Life care; support and advice.  The Community Specialist Palliative Care Team provides specialist palliative care to the people of Tameside and Glossop. This includes people who live in nursing and care homes as well as in their own homes. They are also able to provide specialist advice and support to care home staff.

    How to get in touch



    Fiona Horrocks

    End of Life Care Facilitator for Care Homes and Community- education support

    TEL: 0161 342 7761

    Julie Moran

    Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist (Palliative Care) focusing primarily on Care Home residents Tel: 0161 342 7770

    General Number/Advice

    Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Team (Community)

    Tel: 0161 342 7770


    District Nurses

    General palliative care, support and symptom management

    Contact own local DN team number

    Useful links and documents

  • Our Forum
    Tameside and Glossop Care Home and Support at Home Event – 8 March 2018

    Workshop write-up and presentations - for details click here (word document for download).