Community Intravenous (IV) Therapy improves patients’ health and care experience across Tameside and Glossop

 Community Intravenous (IV) Therapy improves patients’ health and care experience across Tameside and Glossop

A new service offered by Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS FT has significantly improved the patient experience. James Garside, who has been having treatment for his shoulder for the past two years, spoke at the Community IV Therapy launch event on Friday 16th August to explain how the new service has made a huge difference to his experience as a patient.

At the launch James, (40), who is a dad of two and a telecommunications engineer said: “Back in 2012, after suffering some pain and stiffness in my shoulder, I found out that I needed surgery to sort the problem out. I had a metal shoulder resurface at Tameside Hospital which was successful and physiotherapy helped strengthen the muscles and increase mobility of my shoulder. Unfortunately nearly a year after the surgery I developed an infection. I was referred to the Wrightington Hospital, near Wigan where the metal implant was removed.  I needed to have intravenous antibiotics every day for two weeks – and this had to be done at Wrightington Hospital. I didn't want to miss spending time with my wife and children so I it was eventually agreed that I could be discharged and return daily as an outpatient. I lived in Tameside and it was over an hour journey there and an hour back. Add to that the time it took for the treatment and it was the best part of the day – everyday. I put up with this for two weeks. I had another two operations at the Wrightington to give me a reverse shoulder replacement. Unfortunately I developed another infection a year after the final surgery. In November last year, the reverse shoulder was removed and replaced with an antibiotic loaded surgical cement spacer. I also required eight weeks of IV antibiotics. I felt I couldn’t go through another eight weeks of travelling two hours to Wrightington and back, every day, and so I was delighted to learn that my local NHS, Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS FT had developed a new service where my intravenous antibiotics could be given to me in the comfort of my own home. I was really pleased. This meant that I could work from home and spend valuable time with my family, which was a huge benefit to me and my family and a significant improvement on my previous experience.” 

The service, which is being rolled out across Tameside and Glossop fully on 18th August, has already seen a significant increase in referrals. The service is part of the borough-wide Care Together programme, a collaboration between the local authority; hospital and clinical commissioning group, which aims to improve the health and care service offer across Tameside and Glossop by redesigning services around patients and actively seeking to prevent hospital admissions through a combination of better community services, improved access to information and early interventions in an individual’s health and wellbeing requirements.

Karen James, chief executive of Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care, the organisation that runs Tameside Hospital said: “Care Together, which is our joint venture with the local authority and CCG aims to improve the health and care services across the borough. This means looking at how we can completely redesign services that will benefit patients and, where possible, prevent hospital admissions. The IV therapy service is our next initiative in a long line of service improvements, which also includes our new digital health service and extensive care programme.”

Over 50 healthcare professionals from across Tameside and Glossop attended a special ‘launch’ event at the hospital campus on Friday 18th August, which marks the full roll out of this initiative.