Tameside Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018/21

The Tameside Health and Wellbeing Board have a duty to prepare and publish a regular Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA).

PNAs are comprehensive assessments of the current and anticipated pharmaceutical needs of the community.  PNAs assist local commissioners and service providers by giving an evidence base on how best to plan and commission pharmacy services to meet the needs of the population.

We are undertaking a full update of the Tameside PNA in 2018/21, the second PNA to be prepared and produced by the Tameside Health and Wellbeing Board.  So that we can update our understanding of the priority needs of our population and meet our statutory duties, we are required to conduct a consultation process with a number of local partners. These include:

  • Members of the Health and Wellbeing Board
  • GPs and other health care professionals
  • Pharmacies and Pharmacists
  • Neighbouring Health and Wellbeing Boards
  • NHS Commissioning Board
  • Single Commissioning Board (Tameside and Glossop)
  • Local Medical Committee
  • Health Watch, Local Voluntary, Health and community Faith Groups
  • Greater Manchester Local Pharmacy Committee.

This consultation is for the stakeholders/local partners as outlined above.  The public element of the PNA consultation took place between 14 September and 18 October. The results of the public consultation are available in the draft Tameside PNA 2018/21, which is linked to below.

The draft Tameside PNA 2018/21 is available at: https://www.tameside.gov.uk/TamesideMBC/media/Comms/tamesidepnaassessment.pdf  for your consideration; and will be located here until the 5th January 2018.

Please note that if you are one of our neighbouring Health and Wellbeing Boards the regulations require you to share this consultation information with your Local Pharmaceutical Committee and Local Medical Committee, so they can also comment.

We would welcome your thoughts and comments on this document as it is vital that we produce a PNA that reflects our local needs accurately.

In particular we would welcome your views on the following questions, although of course you may make any comments you wish:

Consultation Questions

  1. The draft PNA aims to identify pharmacy need in Tameside. Does it achieve this?


  2. If you do not believe it achieves this, please explain why?


  3. Do you know of any other relevant information that you think has not been included which could affect the conclusions and recommendations of this PNA?


  4. If yes, then please provide the additional information


  5. Do you agree the draft 2018/21 PNA shows that pharmaceutical provision in Tameside is satisfactory with few identified gaps?


  6. If not, please state what else should be considered


  7. Do you have any other relevant comments to add regarding the 2018/21 draft PNA?


You can access the survey online at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/pna201821 or if you prefer you can forward responses to PublicHealth.enquiries@tameside.gov.uk  or send a hard copy to the address above, clearly marked as PNA consultation, by 5th January 2018.

All responses will be considered thoroughly once the consultation period is complete and any substantive issues identified will be addressed within the final PNA.

If you require a hard copy of the draft Tameside PNA or have any questions about the document or consultation process, please contact the PNA project team at PublicHealth.enquiries@tameside.gov.uk or telephone 07813871010.