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Effective Use of Resources

The NHS belongs to us all.  It is there to improve our health and well-being, support us to keep mentally and physically well,  to get better when we are ill and, when we cannot fully recover to stay as well as we can to the end of our lives.

To make sure that we can provide the best care for the maximum number of people it is vital that we make every penny count.

All procedures that require Individual Funding Requests and Individual Prior Approvals must have a pro-forma completed and funding approved by GMSS before the procedure is carried out.  

Locally all procedures that require Monitored Approval must have a pro-forma completed and authorisation from the CCG EUR Monitoring Team before a procedure is carried out.


The criteria for each EUR procedure has been summarised by Greater Manchester Shared Services (GMSS) and is available in the drop down menu below.

If the procedure is not listed then please access The Effective Use of Resources (EUR) Treatment Policies for more information around the procedure

The Monitored Approval EUR pro-formas can be found in the referral templates on your GP system.  The CCG email address for referrals is tgccg.eur@nhs.net 
The CCG EUR Monitoring Team will provide an authorisation code within 48 hours and will notify the GP and the patient of the outcome. 


The CCG EUR Monitoring Team will provide an authorisation code within 48 hours and will notify the GP and the patient of the outcome. The CCG is exploring ways in which the EUR Monitoring Team can directly book the patients appointment with the provider through e-RS. 
A similar monitoring process will be carried out at the hospital, with authorisation for Monitored Approval being sought internally, or, referral to GMSS for authorisation for procedures that require IFR / IPA. Any procedure that indicates a procedure and is referred to a provider without an authorisation code will be rejected in the form of a letter.  The GP will have to follow the correct process and re-refer the patient accordingly.


Monitored Approval Reject Letter

Prior Approval Reject Letter

GP Update

The monitoring of EUR procedures is a T&G initiative.  

We are actively monitoring across primary and secondary care to ensure that the procedures that we perform, using the evidence that we know, will benefit our patients.  

Read the latest information for GPs.

CCG contacts

CCG EUR Clinical Lead: Dr Jamie Douglas

CCG Individualised Commissioning Admin & EUR Manager: Mandy Ostell
GMSS EUR summaries

We are seeking the views of clinical professionals on the two new draft Greater Manchester Effective Use of Resources (EUR) Policies below. These have been developed by NHS Greater Manchester Shared Services (GMSS) on behalf of Greater Manchester’s 10 Clinical Commissioning Groups. Attached are copies of the draft policies and relevant Equality Analysis.

They aim to reduce the variation in access across the region; ensure services are commissioned for conditions where there is acceptable evidence of clinical benefit and cost-effectiveness; and promote the cost-effective use of healthcare resources.

Greater Manchester Laser Eye Surgery Policy (Draft Policy)
Greater Manchester Tongue Tie Policy (Draft Policy)
GM050 - HCAG Cover Sheet Draft Policy: Surgical management of Ankyloglossia
GM060 - HCAG Cover Sheet Draft Policy: Photorefractive (laser) Surgery for the correction of refractive errors
Equality Analysis For Laser Eye Surgery Policy
Equality Analysis For Tongue Tie Policy
To share your feedback and views please click on the link below and complete the short survey:

GM050 – Greater Manchester Effective Use of Resources Policy: Surgical Management of Ankyloglossia (Tongue Tie)

GM060 – Greater Manchester Effective Use of Resources Policy: Photorefractive (Laser) Surgery for the Correction of Refractive Errors

The period of clinical engagement for these policy runs from Monday 2nd July until Monday 27th August 2018.

GMSS is not a decision making body and are therefore not responsible for implementing the outcomes of this period of clinical engagement. All feedback received will be reviewed by the Greater Manchester Effective Use of Resources Steering Group.

If you have any queries regarding the period of clinical engagement that you would like to feedback to the EUR Service, please send these to the policy team at policyfeedback.gmcsu@nhs.net or contact the Policy Team on 0161 212 6212/6210.