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GPs, social care providers, hospital clinicians, and the community and voluntary sector are coming together to deliver much more joined up health and social care services for patients in Tameside and Glossop. 

By improving how these different services work together we believe we will increase the quality of clinical care, empower patients, and improve their experiences. 

We also believe that it will reduce the amount of duplication that goes on in the health and care service, so patients won’t have to re-tell their stories and fill in the same forms over and over again. 

The vision for a new healthcare system could see a radically new way of health and care professionals working together for the benefit of the patient with a single care professional co-ordinating their care. The current system often doesn’t make life easy for many patients; for example some end up staying in hospital when they could be at home. 

We envisage new local care teams made up of health and care professionals who can, for example, arrange home care services bringing together a range of expert clinicians and others where needed. As they are part of the same team, hospital consultants can provide specialist advice to the team and enable them to care for people in their own homes rather than in hospital. 

This will require a new approach to the sharing of health records, a new way of commissioning (planning and funding) health and social care, and a different approach to early intervention and prevention helping people to remain fit and well. 

Even more importantly we want to improve the overall health for you, our local residents. This means that we need much closer working between local NHS and social care services provided by local councils. It also means that various parts of the NHS – GPs, district nurses, community services, hospitals and mental health services – need to be much more coordinated, with the patient at the centre of any plans. 

Good nutrition, healthy weight, exercise, strong communities, and avoiding risk factors such as smoking and heavy drinking all play a role in wellness. Individuals who manage their lifestyles are healthier, more productive, have fewer absences from work and make fewer demands for medical and social services. We want to work with you, your family, and our communities to address those things that contribute to ill health, designing our services, places, and spaces to support you to be healthy and well.

Care Together Events

All upcoming Care Together events are listed on the Tameside and Glossop Care Together website here.

Independent Chair's Blog

The Independent Chair of the Care Together Programme, Chris Mellor, provides a monthly update on the progress of the programme and how we are moving closer to making our plans a reality.