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We are proudly supporting Greater Manchester’s new ‘Don’t wait’ campaign to help people quit smoking in 2021.
Not only is stopping smoking the single best thing you can do for your health, but the benefits start from the moment you stop.
Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and kills almost 80,000 people each year in England. It damages the lungs and weakens the immune system, making it harder for the body to fight colds, chest infections, flu and coronavirus. It also increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, COPD, stroke and cancer.
In Greater Manchester, 16% of the adult population are smokers. And every year around 5,200 people across the city region will die too soon from a smoking related illness. In 2018 – 19 there were almost 28,000 hospital admissions for diseases wholly or partially attributed to smoking in persons aged 35 and over.


Five top quitting tips for the New Year

  • Download the free Smoke Free app, which provides you with 24/7 support, advice and all the information you need to stop smoking.
  • Find the right quit support for you. There are lots of ways to quit – with support from your local stop smoking service, stop smoking tools, medication, nicotine replacement therapy and e-cigarettes.
  • Remember your reasons for quitting – your loved ones, health, to give your bank balance a boost. Write them down and keep them as a reminder to keep going and celebrate your achievements.
  • Distract yourself – a hobby, puzzles, knitting, walking, yoga or other relaxation techniques, can help you to manage cravings and keep your hands busy.
  • Look at how much you’ve saved. It’s a great idea to put the money you would have spent on cigarettes in a jar somewhere you can see it. Watch the money build up and treat yourself to something special.


This video features a powerful plea from respiratory consultant, Dr Ruth Sharrock, who has spent the last nine months caring for patients with COVID-19 and has seen the challenges colleagues and patients have faced in fighting it. 
These videos are case studies from Tameside
Andy from Ashton-under-Lyne.
Gail from Stalybridge.

Support and advice


Additional resources: understanding tobacco addiction e-learning

This e-learning module helps people working or volunteering in communities, in effectively assessing and supporting people with tobacco addiction. The interactive module explains the impact of tobacco addiction and how to have a short and supportive conversation with a smoker (known as very brief advice or ‘VBA’).
The e-learning takes around 30 minutes to complete and upon completion learners will receive a certificate.