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COVID-19 has affected the whole country; for almost everyone, life has had to fundamentally change. But it has also prompted many people to reflect and think more seriously about their health. Capitalising on this opportunity to inspire healthy changes across the nation, Public Health England first launched the Better Health campaign in July and encouraged the nation to eat better and get more active.

January 2021 offers another unique opportunity to motivate, galvanise and encourage adults to make a positive change in 2021, at a time when new research reveals that eight in ten adults plan to make at least one change to their health and wellbeing in 2021. 


About the Better Health campaign

The Better Health webpage provides tools to help people improve their health and mental wellbeing including:

Feature film


This film features five case studies, Carl (40 from Sheffield), Vidya (46 from Manchester) and Steve (65 from York) who are all keen to start the year fresh, implementing new lifestyle choices to help reduce their weight. They are joined by Daniel (41 from Essex) who wants to quit smoking while his wife Frankie (29) wants to improve her mental wellbeing. The film also features Tony (47 from Cheshire) who started his Better Health journey in 2020 and has lost three stone to date. Tony was hospitalised with COVID and strongly believes that his weight loss has contributed to his successful recovery. The film highlights the free NHS tools available to help people and where they can find them.


Dry January

Why not join millions of others this New Year and reset your relationship with alcohol? Do Dry January and go booze-free for 1 month.
Ditch the hangover, lose weight, boost your energy and save some money while doing your body a lot of good. Use the free Try Dry app to track your units, calories and money saved, and earn badges as you go.


Local support

Residents who want professional support to lose weight, to cut down on drinking, to give up smoking or to become more active to lead a healthier lifestyle can make an appointment with Be Well Tameside on: 0161 716 2000, or email:
Derbyshire Country Council have a wide range of services on offer across Derbyshire to help improve your health. Whether you want help to stop smoking, find out ways to keep active or need support with mental health issues you can find out more at: