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We want to help everyone in Tameside and Glossop get more from their NHS.  To do this we need everyone’s help to make sure the money we have is spent on the right treatment, at the right time, in the right place.

Unfortunately a lot of NHS money is wasted by incorrect use of services; paracetamol prescriptions, unneeded prescription medication and not attending GP appointments all cost your local NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

This is money that should be providing better services for you.  

Paracetamol prescriptions 

NHS paracetamol prescriptions in Tameside and Glossop in 2016 cost your local NHS £351,230 - That is the same as 1200 nurse appointments and 510  GPappointments in Tameside and Glossop every week.

You can pick up a packet of paracetamol at your local supermarket for a lot less than it costs the NHS to dispense. Where do you think the money would be better spent?    

#knowmore about the costs of your health 

#Knowmore about Paracetamol