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Interpreting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Using DA Link
How do I request an interpreter?
You can request interpreters and written translations using the booking portal, DA Link –

I’ve forgotten my password/I can’t log on; how can I access the portal?
Click on ‘Sign in’ under the Client Portal, then select the ‘forgotten password’ option.

What email address should my practice use to make bookings?
You should use your email address.

My email has changed, can I change this on Link?
Once you have logged in using your old details, you can then amend your email address on the ‘Manage Account’ page.

We have interpreters in our department for hours at a time. Can I raise a booking for an interpreter to be present for a certain duration?
You can book your interpreters for any duration on the booking form, using the estimated duration section.

My practice is not on DA Link, could you add it please?
Please send the request by email to your booking co-ordinator. We will get this checked with your contract manager and will confirm back once it is added.
Service Queries
Who pays for the interpreting service?
The interpreting service is paid for by Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care.

How much notice do I need to give for an interpreter?
Where possible, please give as much notice as you can. DA Languages will work to source interpreters for any notice period, however the more notice you can give us, the easier it will be to book an interpreter for you. Please note, for BSL and non-spoken languages, interpreters generally get booked up a week in advance.

Can I use the service for non-NHS patients?
This service is contracted only for NHS patients. If you wish to use the service for non- NHS patients, please contact us directly and we will organise this for you separately.
Feedback and Issues with Service
How do I raise feedback about in-house staff?
You can give us feedback in a number of ways. You can leave feedback against each booking, using the ‘Complaint’ and ‘Feedback’ buttons, can fill in the monthly customer service questionnaire which you receive via email or you can provide feedback over the phone.

How do I make a complaint?
If you wish to log a complaint regarding a sensitive issue/regarding service you have received from DA Languages office staff, you can email you can email
Contacting Us
What are your office times?
Our office is open 9am – 5:30pm. Outside of these times, emergency requests are dealt with by our 24 hours out of hours team.

How do I contact the Telephone Department?
Our telephone system is fully automated, to request an interpreter you can call 0330 088 2443. For assistance, you can call 0330 088 1153

Who do I send a document to for it to be translated?
Written documents for translation should be always uploaded to DA Link for translation. In the event that you cannot access DA Link, you should email the document to your translation co-ordinator (details in your welcome document) and password protect the file.

I cannot get through to my booking coordinator on the phone but need to urgently. How do I get through to them?
During office hours, the quickest way to contact your co-ordinator is via email. Outside of office hours, you can call the out of hours team on 0161 928 2533.
During the Booking
Who signs interpreter job sheets?
The interpreter job sheets should be signed by an NHS professional only. This includes reception staff, but you should not allow an interpreter to fill in or sign their own job sheet.

What should I do if my interpreter doesn’t turn up?
Please contact our office as soon as possible. If you are not able to get through on the phone, please email your co-ordinator. We will try and contact the interpreter on your behalf, or provide you with telephone interpreting in the event that we cannot contact them.