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Do Not Prescribe (DNP) List / Red List / Grey list

Some medicines have a status assigned to them which restricts the circumstances in which they should be prescribed (Grey List) or do not recommend prescribing of them at all (DNP List). There are also some medicines which should only be prescribed in the hospital (Red List).

To help practice staff and GPs identify medicines which they shouldn’t be asked to prescribe, the CCG has set, brought all DNP, Grey List medicines and commonly requested Red list medicines together in one place here.

It should be noted this is just the most commonly requested Red List drugs, the whole list of Red drugs can be found on the Greater Manchester Medicines Management Group's (GMMMG) website.

The CCG list will be a living document so it will be updated as new medicines are added by GMMMG as well as locally.

If a GP considers there should be any additions to the list please complete the form linked here and return to Peter Howarth by email: peter.howarth@nhs.net for consideration at the CCG Medicines Management Committee.

If anyone has any queries about the contents of the list please contact Peter Howarth, Head of Medicines Management, by email: peter.howarth@nhs.net or a member of the Medicines Management Team.