The CCG ceased to exist on 30 June 2022.  This web page is no longer being updated. Search NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care.

Pharmacy services

Your local pharmacy

Your local pharmacy is the place to go to get any prescription medicines and clinical advice for minor health concerns. But they do a lot more than that.

As well as helping with common illnesses – like sore throats, coughs, colds, tummy troubles and aches and pains – pharmacy teams can also help with stopping smoking, cutting down on alcohol, advice on safe sex and emergency contraception. 

Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g. high temperature; a new, continuous cough; a loss of or change in your normal send of taste of smell) are asked to avoid going in to a pharmacy and should ask a family member, friend, neighbour or other nominated person/local volunteer to collect their medicines in the first instance.

Patients are encouraged to avoid attending A&E for pharmacy services. 

Contact NHS 111 who can signpost patients to the nearest available pharmacy. Call 111 or go online at

Help us help you get the treatment you need at:

How do I find out which pharmacies are open near me?

To find a pharmacy near you click here

List of pharmacies in Tameside
List of pharmacies in Glossop

Pharmacy opening times in Tameside and Glossop over June bank holiday 202

Trading Name Address  1 Address  2 Address  3 P/code Tel No. Thursday
2nd June
3rd June
Lloydspharmacy Oldham St Denton Manchester M34 3SJ 0161 320 5945 10am - 4pm 10am - 4pm
Lloydspharmacy Lord Sheldon Way Ashton U Lyne Lancs OL6 7UB 0161 343 2877 10am - 4pm 10am - 4pm
Asda Pharmacy Cavendish Street Ashton U Lyne Lancs OL6 7DP 0161 342 6610 10am - 4pm 10am - 4pm
Asda Pharmacy Water Street Hyde Cheshire SK14 1BD 0161 882 5700 10am - 4pm 10am - 4pm
Tesco Pharmacy Trinity Street Stalybridge Cheshire SK15 2BJ 0345 677 9634 9am - 1pm 9am - 1pm
Tesco Pharmacy Wren Nest Road High Street West, Glossop Derbyshire SK13 8HB 0345 677 9299 9am - 1pm 9am - 1pm
Tesco Pharmacy Ashworth Lane Hattersley Cheshire SK14 6NT 0345 610 2904 9am - 1pm 9am - 1pm
Tesco Pharmacy Manchester Road Droylsden Manchester M43 6TQ 0345 677 9214 9am - 1pm 9am - 1pm

A full list of pharmacy opening times in Greater Manchester over June bank holiday can be found at Greater Manchester Local Pharmaceutical Committee website.

Ordering medicines

Did you know that you can order your repeat prescriptions if you are signed up to GP online services?
Please see our information page on GP Online services at GP Online Services Information. You can also sign up for GP Online Services while in your own home via the NHS App, more information can be found at NHS App.

Only order what you need 

To help pharmacies to cope under the increasing pressure, Greater Manchester Local Pharmaceutical Committee (GMLPC) is asking patients and members of the public to:

  • Avoid pharmacies if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19: If you have a dry, persistent cough, fever or shortness of breath, please don’t go to your local pharmacy.
  • Be patient: All pharmacies are under immense pressure and working around the clock to ensure that you get what you need.
  • Respect pharmacy staff: they are providing NHS services and deserve the same respect as any other frontline NHS worker.
  • Order medicines and purchase products as normal: there is no need to stockpile. There are enough medicines for everyone, so long as everyone only orders the prescriptions and buys the medicines they really need. We are all in this together and we need to remember that stockpiling causes problems for more vulnerable people in our communities.
  • Ensure that patients are requested ask their friends, relatives, neighbours or other nominated representative(s) to collect medicines in the first instance to reduce demand and pressure on delivery services.

Delivery of medicines

Pharmacies are receiving an increase in the number of requests for delivery of medicines due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please only request delivery of medicines if you have no other option. This will help to ensure that pharmacies have the ability to deliver to those who are in need. 
Please note: Pharmacies will be open to dispense your prescriptions but please only order medication if it is necessary. Avoid ordering extra months of medication just to stockpile.

'Over the counter’ medicines for minor health conditions

In March 2018, NHS England published guidance about reducing the prescribing of medicines or treatments that are available to buy over the counter.  This means that certain medicines may no longer be prescribed if you can buy them ‘over the counter’. This web page will explain the changes, why they are happening and where you can get more information and support.