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Register of Interests

The CCG’s Standing Orders require that a Register of Interests is established to record formally the declarations of interests of Governing Body and committee members. 

Members are required to declare any personal or business interests they may have which might affect, or be perceived to affect, the conduct of their role as a Governing Body or committee member, and must also declare any interests held by family members or persons or bodies with which they are connected.

These details are kept up to date by means of an annual review of the Register at the beginning of each financial year and updates within the year to ensure that any changes to interests are recorded.

Until 31 March 2013, the Register will also include information relating to former Board members of NHS Tameside and Glossop Primary Care Trust, as the Register relates to the whole of the 2012/13 financial year.

Registers of Interests

Visit the policies page for Managing Conflict of Interests

Please note that historic interests are retained by the CCG for six years. If you would like to access a copy please contact the Corporate team on: 0161 304 5449.

Breaches of the CCG's Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy

A breach of the CCG’s Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy occurred during the meeting of the Single Commissioning Board on 17 January 2017. Under the agenda item 119 ‘Dermatology and Guidance and Interceptor Scheme’ the decision was made to ‘invite Orbit and Go To Doc to submit a proposal’. One of the decision-makers is a Director of Go To Doc and failed to make a declaration of this specific conflict during the discussion (although the interest is recorded on the person’s submitted declaration of interest form and recorded in the Register of Interests).

There has been a discussion between the individual concerned and the CCG’s Assistant Chief Operating Officer. The individual informed the members of the Single Commissioning Board of this breach when the draft minutes were reviewed at the meeting of 14 February 2017. This was noted in that meeting’s minutes.

The individual is aware of the responsibility to declare this interest in any future decision-making which actually or potentially concerns Go To Doc.