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It’s Your Health - Get Involved


NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (T&G CCG) is committed to putting patients and communities at the heart of what we do. The reason is simple; it’s your health, and you are the experts on how you prefer to access the local services that we deliver. Listening to and acting upon your views is the key to creating successful health services that meet the needs of the people who live in Tameside & Glossop. 
Our success will be determined by the extent to which:

  • We give you not just the opportunity to have your say, but make you feel confident that your voice is being listened to.
  • You feel like your opinions and ideas have directly influenced the commissioning, design and delivery of local services.
  • Our services are better as a result of this engagement and consultation.
  • Engagement and conversation is not just a one-off, but something that happens routinely and on an ongoing basis in all our organisations. 
  • Every year NHS England, as part of the wider NHS Oversight Framework, assesses the quality of the public and patient engagement of every CCG in England. In the last inspection in 2019/20, Tameside and Glossop CCG achieved the top rating of “Green Star” with the highest possible score of 15 out of 15. This has been achieved by only 40 out of the 191 CCG areas in England.   

How Do We Do It?

Tameside & Glossop Engagement Strategy
Whether you’re a member of the public, stakeholder, partner organisation, or part of the voluntary, community and faith sectors, our Tameside & Glossop Engagement Strategy lays out how we will turn our commitment to giving you the chance to shape the way we create and deliver services into reality. 
Partnership Engagement Network (PEN)
One of the main ways we talk to local people is through the Partnership Engagement Network (PEN), which was set up jointly by the NHS Tameside & Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (T&G CCG), Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council (TMBC) and NHS Tameside & Glossop Integrated Foundation Trust (Tameside Hospital). By coming together like this, PEN gives you a permanent, easily accessible and structured way to give us your views and ideas, and to influence the work of all our public services.

The key principles of PEN are to:
  • Engage in an ongoing and genuine conversation with anyone with an interest in local public services, including the public, patients and other organisations.
  • Bring the whole of the public and community sectors into a single conversation, so that we are all talking to each other instead of engaging in our own small groups.
  • Get your views as early as possible so that, instead of being asked after the fact, you’re involved in building services from the ground up.

PEN holds a number of public conferences every year, which inform and start discussions with participants through presentations and workshops on important public service issues. You can also join our PEN Family, a database of people who are interested in, and want to have their say on services in Tameside & Glossop. Members of the PEN Family are kept informed via a monthly e-mail update of upcoming consultation and activities they may wish to get involved in.
The Big Conversation
Many of our consultations take the form of questionnaires and surveys, all of which are hosted on our Big Conversation website. The Big Conversation gives you the opportunity to stay up to date with all the conversations and engagement activities held by Tameside Council and Tameside & Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group. Join the Big Conversation here to stay informed about when any new questionnaires or surveys come up. You can also view the results and outcomes of previous conversations and engagement activities going back to 2014.

Big Conversation

You can also find out more information on Tameside & Glossop’s Patient Participation Groups and Patient Neighbourhood Groups via these links.
If you require any further information on getting involved in Tameside & Glossop please contact the Policy, Performance and Intelligence team using the following email address: