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The work of our PPGs

Outlined below are just some examples of the achievements of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) across Tameside and Glossop

ESOL Courses
Being part of a Patient Participation Group can see partnership working between patients, GPs and practice staff improve healthcare services within individual GP practices. However, one local PPG based at Haughton Thornley Medical Practice in Hyde have gone further than this by working to make a positive contribution the wider community.
By joining forces with community group, Hyde Community Action, Haughton Thornley PPG have delivered two English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses.
The first course took place in 2016 and was based around access to health and medical services. It included advice on how to sign up for online GP medical information and other services, how to make an appointment, using the ‘My Medication Passport’, pharmacy and library services, and how to access local services that promote good health and wellbeing.
The course was delivered to fifteen Asian women who reported increased language skills which led to them and their families better coping within the wider community. The course won an award from Trinity College London as part of the NHS England Adult Learners Awards.
This year, after securing funding from Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group and utilising the services of Be Well Tameside, Haughton Thornley PPG delivered a course on healthy eating and women’s health issues. Dr Richard Fitton, a retired GP, worked to evaluate the course to see how it has improved the women’s understanding of their personal health situations.
Both courses have seen the confidence of the women involved and their understanding of health matters improve. Ingrid Brindle, the Chair of Haughton Thornley Medical Centre PPG, is currently seeking to add future sessions around accessing integrated services. They are also looking to train people to deliver the courses to roll them out across the borough and wider community.
If you are interested in delivering a course or want to find out more, please contact Haughton Thornley PPG at: htmcppg@gmail.com    
Online Access to GP Records
Ingrid Brindle, Chair of Haughton Thornley Medical Centre’s Patient Participation Group has written a guest blog for the Richmond Group of Health Charities.
The Richmond Group is a collaboration of 14 of the leading health and social care organisations in the voluntary sector, including Age UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, the British Red Cross and the British Heart Foundation.
In the blog, Ingrid shares how having online access to her GP records has changed how she has managed her health since 2006. Ingrid can now manage her complex health issues without having to contact the practice, including ordering repeat prescriptions, looking at her consultation history, easily accessing dates and medical history forms, and even checking results of tests online.
Speaking about online access, Ingrid said “Having access to my GP records online and 24/7 is fantastic and has given me enormous confidence! Last year I was on holiday in France and my heart became unstable. I knew I would have to go into hospital so was able to print out letters from my cardiologist. I was then able to get these translated in French and give them to this hospital to ensure they had all the information they need.”
However, there is still work to be done. Ingrid and the rest of her Patient Participation Group are leading the way nationally in terms of online access to medical records with 59% of all patients at Haughton Thornley Medical Centre signed up, including over half of all Bangladeshi patients. Across the rest of the UK, this figure is less than 1%!
For more information and to read the full blog, head to the Richmond Group of Charities’ website here.
Best Practice Work of Local PPGs
The best practice examples are available here