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2017/18 PEN Conference Feedback Report

PEN Conference Workshop You said, We did

October 2017

Patient voice in care and support planning for Long Term Condition Management – NHS Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care Foundation Trust (ICFT)
At the workshop participants were asked what 'person centred' meant to them, and what they thought should be included in a care and support plan, who it should be shared with, and how the plan should be recorded.  The feedback was used to develop a draft template care plan to help guide clinicians through a person centred conversation.
Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership is currently using the draft template developed in Tameside & Glossop to inform the content of a GM agreed format.
A copy of the draft template can be found here
Integrated Neighbourhoods – Greater Manchester Police At the workshop participants were given a presentation and information about the work of the Tameside Integrated Neighbourhood Service Team. The aim of the Integrated Neighbourhood Service is for our citizens and communities to live better, now and in the future.

The teams focus on identifying  people who are not coping, and who are showing signs of increasing dependency, building community resilience, and identifying community assets that already exist. The areas of demand and the operational bases of the Integrated Neighbourhood Services model were explained and discussed.

The workshop helped raise awareness of Integrated Neighbourhood Teams.
Mental Health – NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group   The workshop focused on the current position of Mental Health services in Tameside and Glossop.  The main focus of the discussion was around people with Mental Health issues who are currently falling through the gap in terms of current service provision.
Workshop participants were asked to share their experiences of what could work to improve things in the future. Subsequently an additional £1m of new investment was agreed by the Strategic Commissioning Board, which led onto the 101 Days for Mental Health Project where a new model of mental health has been co-produced. The feedback from the workshop has been used to inform the Service User/Lived Experience Engagement Steering Group, which emerged as part of this project.
Intermediate Care – NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group The feedback received was recorded, and along with feedback from the online consultation and public engagement events, helped to inform the decision making process. Option 2 (with agreed mitigations) was approved by the Tameside and Glossop Strategic Commissioning Board resulting in the centralisation of Intermediate Care beds into the Stamford Unit, adjacent to Tameside Hospital. Up to eight Intermediate Care beds will be provided in Glossop to facilitate local access for residents when this is clinically appropriate and agreed with the patient.

To online consultation can be found here and the report to the Strategic Commissioning Board about Intermediate Care in Tameside and Glossop can be found here
  Preventing Homelessness Strategy – Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council The views of participants who attended the workshop were captured and used to inform Tameside’s review of Homelessness and to shape the development of the Tameside Preventing Homelessness Strategy 2018-2021.
A further workshop was held in June 2018, giving delegates the opportunity to voice their opinions on the first draft Tameside Preventing Homelessness Strategy, giving participants the opportunity to suggest actions they thought were necessary to prevent homelessness in the local area.
Following the workshop the draft strategy was amended to take into account the comments received.   The report presented to the Executive Cabinet can found here
The strategic action plan is currently under development and will be shaped by future engagement activities. 
  Air Quality – Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council At the workshop participants were given a presentation on the current position relating to Air Quality in Tameside.
The presentation was mainly a factual one, which gave participants lots of information on the current levels of air quality, and the main sources of pollution across the borough. The sessions were well received, and a commitment was made from the Environmental Services Team to come back and discuss the plans for Tameside, and how we aim to improve air quality across GM.

February 2018

Patient Choice – NHS England   The purpose of the workshop was to better understand the key messages people would like to see around Patient Choice, and how to best publicise/ raise awareness.

Overarching feedback was that people wanted to have an awareness of patient choice, but that the main emphasis in raising awareness must reside within a primary care setting. Voluntary and Community groups in attendance were keen for literature (especially the Easy Reads) to be made available to accessible formats.

As a result of the feedback this particular programme of work was rethought by the NHSE programme lead, and work has begun nationally to identify what good looks like around patient choice and a draft patient choice policy statement has been developed, which will assist CCGs in addressing some of the concerns raised at the workshop.

More information relating to Patient Choice in the NHS can be found here
Age Friendly Tameside – Tameside and Glossop Metropolitan Borough Council At the PEN Conference in February 2018 an Age Friendly Tameside workshop was held.  Those who participated shared their views on the planning/draft stage of an Age Friendly Tameside strategy.

In August 2018 a small number of representatives were invited to take part in a bespoke focus group.  The purpose of the group was to look at the key facts in the draft strategy, what we are doing now, and where we would like to be in the future to make Tameside as Age Friendly as it can be.

Those who participated were advised that feedback from the focus group would be incorporated into the final completed strategy.

Notes from the PEN Forum and the PEN Conference can be found here
One Equality Scheme – NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group/Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council The feedback from the workshop was built into the draft One Equality Scheme for the Tameside and Glossop Strategic Commission (NHS Tameside and Glossop CCG and Tameside Council combined scheme).  The document has been presented to both the CCG’s Governing Body and the Council’s Executive Cabinet and adopted as policy for both organisations.

The Tameside and Glossop One Equality Scheme can be viewed here
Preventing hateful extremism and promoting social cohesion – Greater Manchester Combined Authority The notes from the workshop were sent to the GMCA (Greater Manchester Combined Authority) as a contribution to the Mayor of GMs social cohesion commission.  The notes from the workshop will inform the final report
Development of a new ‘Compact’ – Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council Workshop participants were asked for feedback on the current Tameside Compact, the Tameside Compact sets out the commitment between Public Sector Partners, and the voluntary sector to improve the life chances of local people. Feedback taken from the workshop was used to approve the principles and commitments of the Tameside Compact (now known as Tameside PACT), details of which can be found in the PDF documents below:

June 2018

Increasing Digital Skills and Employment – Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council The iDEA programme is a digital skills and enterprise training programme developed and promoted by HRH the Duke of York.  The workshop focused on organisations and local community groups who could potentially promote the programme to Tameside residents at scale.
Over the Counter (OTC) Medicine Prescribing – NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group From January to March 2018 NHS England (NHSE) held a period of consultation to gather views on guidance to be issued to prescribers regarding restrictions of prescribing for a range of conditions which can be treated by OTC medicines.  Details of the full consultation can be found here
The workshop focused on who in our local communities this would impact on the most and how we should implement the restrictions locally.  Responses received were used to inform a local response submitted to NHSE.
Identifying and Supporting Ex-Service Personnel in the Armed Forces  Covenant – Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council The Armed Forces Covenant is aimed at ensuring those who currently serve or who have served in the armed forces and their families are treated fairly. The workshop provided an overview of the delivery of the Covenant in Tameside and Glossop.
The feedback from the workshop helped refine TMBC’s policies around people within the armed forces covenant who currently work for us.
More information regarding the Armed Forces Covenant can be found on the
TMBC Website
Improving Access to Primary Care – NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group The workshop discussions focused on the challenges in accessing primary care, and potential opportunities and ideas for improving access to primary care, with particular focus on general practice.  The feedback received was that people wanted easier access to appointments with their practice or via their practice to extended access appointments.  This included how they are able to access the practice,(telephone, online, in person), the timeliness of appointments and ease of navigating services provided by alternative providers (eg community pharmacy).
The feedback from the workshop, along with the feedback received through a full 12 week public consultation regarding urgent care, has resulted in a Primary Care Access Service delivered across five neighbourhood hubs.  Anyone registered with a practice in Tameside or Glossop now has access to a range of appointments, at five locations, available in the evenings and at weekends, which are bookable through their GP practice or via referral from NHS 111.
Planning at End of Life – NHS Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care Foundation Trust The feedback from the workshop directly changed the wording held within existing Advanced Care Plans, and prompted a pictogram of what we mean by care.
Staff members working with patients who are at End of Life have already been promoting the new Advanced Care Plans with very positive feedback from both patients and relatives.

October 2018

Frailty – NHS Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care Foundation Trust The workshop was held to discuss Frailty as a long term condition. Participants were advised on the work being undertaken in Tameside and Glossop in relation to “Frailty” and people were asked a series of questions around their perception of frailty (see attached document for more detail). The feedback from the workshops was provided to Frailty Leads in Greater Manchester, and has been incorporated into the development of the “Greater Manchester Framework for Resilience and Independent Living”.

An overview of the workshop can be found here
Patient Centred Diagnosis in Long Term Conditions – NHS Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care Foundation Trust The workshop discussion centred on the ways in which discussions about a person’s health diagnosis could be improved, how help and support could be made available, and the way in which follow-up conversations can help patients and their carers/relatives.
Feedback received from participants was used to develop a long term conditions conversation outline (below).
Community Safety – NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group At the workshop an overview was provided from the TMBC Community Safety team around work being undertaken alongside the charity Crimestoppers.

Feedback from participants included:
  • raising the profile of Crimestoppers throughout Tameside
  • reporting a crime and remaining anonymous – concerns were raised that this message is not visible enough on Crimestoppers posters, which could have a negative impact on the number of people reporting a crime.

As a result of the feedback TMBC are working with Crimestoppers on a publicity campaign to raise awareness of the work being carried out.  In relation to anonymity, a meeting was held with the Crimestoppers North West Manager, as result the design of the artwork for the Tameside campaign will be amended to make the message more visible.
Collaborative Practice In Primary Care – NHS Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care Foundation Trust The workshop focused on the Tameside Altogether Better and Glossop Wellbeing in Practice models of care, which is a collaborative practice between health and care professionals, and local people to find new ways of working together to make a difference to people’s lives. 
The workshop introduced how collaborative working can support the wider determinants of health and provide a ‘more than medicine’ option for patients.  Some helpful insights from participants included how GP practices could work with local communities, ways to connect with Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) and Patient Neighbourhood Groups.
As a result of the feedback there was a further piece of engagement with Tameside and Glossop Patient Participation Groups, and Patient Neighbourhood Groups to raise awareness of collaborative practice asking for  support and experience from these groups to enhance the new models of care.
Tameside’s Big Food Debate – Action Together The workshop was hosted by members of the Tameside Food Strategy group with an opportunity for participants to feed in their views on the Tameside Big Food Debate, which is about creating a healthier, more sustainable food environment within the borough. 
The most prominent themes from the workshops was the need for cooking sessions for communities and families, and for Tameside to have more healthier food options.  The need for healthier food establishments and allotments as well as grow your own schemes to encourage a healthier and sustainable food environment was also really important to those who took part.
In March 2019 there will be a further period of engagement, and a questionnaire will be made available to a wider range of people and key stakeholders.  The results from the survey will be incorporated alongside the feedback received from the workshop, and will be used to inform the forthcoming healthy and sustainable food strategy.
An overview from the workshop can be found here
  Children’s Emotional Health & Wellbeing – NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group The workshop focused on the Tameside and Glossop local transformation plan for Children & Young People’s Mental Health.  The feedback from participants included:
  • extending the open access offer to enable more young people and families to access help when they need it most
  • improve the single point of access to enable clearer referral pathways
  • increase the neighbourhood support offer from Healthy Young Minds
  • engage with schools to create a cluster network for support in mental health
  • streamlining the neurodevelopmental pathway
The feedback received was used to influence local plans.