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Tameside and Glossop Engagement Strategy

The Partnership Engagement Network identified a desire across organisations, groups and the public and patient representatives for a shared Tameside and Glossop Engagement Strategy. Any strategy should aim to embed best practice into all our engagement and consultation activities with our residents and communities and ensure it is of benefit to them.   A shared strategy should outline how organisations and groups, working together, will continue to strengthen the way we consult and engage with our residents, service users, businesses and other stakeholders to ensure that their voice is heard in any proposed service changes.
A small task and finish workshop was convened in November 2017 and February 2018 – attended by representatives from across 17 groups and organisations – to scope out and agree the Engagement Strategy for Tameside and Glossop.
The purpose and scope of the Engagement Strategy are best summarised in the ‘vision’ and ‘outcomes’ sections.


Our vision for Tameside and Glossop puts people at the heart of decisions about their local services. Working together we will create a sense of collective ownership of the issues faced by the communities of Tameside and Glossop and how we address them. We will start conversations with the public and stakeholders early, shaping our plans from the start.


The success of this strategy should be assessed by the extent to which:
  • People have an opportunity to express their views and feel confident that their voices are heard;
  • People feel their opinions and ideas will influence the commissioning, design and delivery of local services;
  • Our services will be better as a consequence of engagement and consultation;
  • High quality engagement will be something that occurs routinely within our organisations, and is ongoing.
The implementation of the Engagement Strategy will be jointly facilitated by the Tameside & Glossop Strategic Commission (Tameside Council and NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group) and the Tameside & Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (formerly Tameside Hospital) and guided by the Partnership Engagement Network (PEN).

The Engagement Strategy will be officially launched at our next PEN Conference on Wednesday 27 June.