The CCG ceased to exist on 30 June 2022.  This web page is no longer being updated. Search NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care.

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Local services

If you become unwell or injured make sure you choose the right service to ensure you get the right service.


Your local pharmacists in Tameside and Glossop are highly trained healthcare professional, and can give you advice on common illnesses and the medicines you need to treat them. Most pharmacies now have a quiet area away from other customers where you can speak to the pharmacist more privately. Visit your local pharmacy when you are suffering from a common health problem which does not require being seen by a nurse or doctor. 

GP Practices 

GP practices can be found locally across Tameside and Glossop. We have contracts with 39 practices to provide general medical care from 40 premises. GPs have to provide this care during what are known as core hours from 8am to 6.30pm. You can make an appointment with your practice for medical advice, examinations and prescriptions. GPs also provide an out-of-hours service - just ring your normal GPs number. You should make an appointment with your local GP when you have an illness or injury that will not go away. For details of local GP surgeries, including opening hours, contact details, and details of the services they provide. 

Urgent Treatment 

If you have a condition that needs prompt medical help to avoid it deteriorating, but is not life-threatening, then you can access help through several services.  Find out more HERE

Hospitals / A&E 

The emergency department is for people with a life-threatening illness or injury.  Many people visit the emergency department when they could have received the advice and help they needed from their Pharmacist, GP or NHS 111 service.
The emergency department should only be used in emergency circumstances and anyone who is not in need of emergency treatment, may be turned away and directed to another NHS service.  Find out more about the Accident and Emergency department HERE