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Tameside & Glossop Red Bag Scheme

Tameside & Glossop Red Bag Scheme is due to launch on Wednesday 19th September 2018

A Red Bag will be provided to all people who reside in a Care Home/Nursing Home when they need to be admitted to hospital.

When a Care Home Resident goes into hospital the Red Bag goes with them, it goes with them in the ambulance and stays with them throughout their journey.

Inside the Red Bag will be personal belongings including a set of clothes and a Patient Passport with important information about the person and important documentation relevant to their care/clinical needs (Medication sheet, DNAR (original Copy) and Herbert Protocol etc.)

The Tameside & Glossop Red Bag Scheme is part of a National Drive to improve communication, safety and the persons experience as they transfer across care settings.

For more information contact
Anna Livingstone/Tracey Hurst
0161 342 5525
Or Email

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