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    Celebrating 73 years of the National Health Service

    CELEBRATIONS were held this week to mark the first NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers’ Day and the NHS’s 73rd birthday.
    Raising money for two excellent causes – NHS Charities Together and the National Care Association – a big thank you went out to every clinician, GP, nurse, support worker, hospital porter and paramedic for their continued hard work and dedication during the pandemic, putting themselves on the line this year to keep everyone safe.
    Tameside Council put up colourful bunting to decorate Fountain Street, the entrance to Tameside Hospital, and Dukinfield Town Hall was lit up blue.  Local schools, businesses and community groups in Tameside and Glossop got involved in the NHS Big Tea - raising a mug in collective thanks at 3pm on 5 July.  An online message was delivered by Dr Asad Ali, co-chair at NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) thanking everyone involved in the vaccination programme ensuring local communities were protected.
    Our pioneering National Health Service (NHS) was born on 5 July 1948, a historic day that ushered in free healthcare to everyone.  People have treasured it ever since, but never more so since March 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic gripped the nation and utterly changed all our lives.
    People were suddenly at war with a ruthless, invisible enemy and on the front line were NHS doctors, nurses and paramedics, plus platoons of critical workers keeping shops open and stocked, streets safe and essential services running.
    Tameside Council’s Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Population Health, Councillor Eleanor Wills, said: “I personally want to thank each and every one of you for playing your part during the pandemic by protecting the lives of family, friends and neighbours.  It’s been a huge team effort because we’ve all worked together doing our bit by adhering to the Government guidance, keeping everyone safe, working on the frontline in a health and social care setting.  Your dedication and commitment to saving lives has been phenomenal – so THANK YOU!”  
    Co-chair at NHS Tameside and Glossop CCG, Dr Asad Ali said: “The last year has been incredibly challenging for the NHS and the country as a whole.  I want to take this opportunity once again thank everyone for their help and support in the getting the successful vaccination programme rolled out.  It’s been a huge joint effort to ensure local patients and residents are protected from COVID-19.  Thank you all and happy birthday to the NHS.”
    Help recognise the fantastic work of all NHS, health and social care staff on social media using #ProudTameside @nhsfrontlineday #NHSBirthday