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    Cycle September is coming!

    LtrTHIS September riders all around the world are taking part in a global bike challenge — with Tameside’s cyclists urged to take part.
    Organised by Love to Ride – Cycle September is a fun, great way to help local people, communities and businesses boost their health and wellness, giving them the opportunity to earn points by riding and encouraging others to do the same.
    Tameside Council is encouraging everyone to join in the month-long competition, from regular riders to people who haven’t been on a bike for years – or ever! 
    It is not all about who can ride the most miles but about encouraging as many people, family, friends and co-workers in Tameside to join the competition, climb the leaderboards and ride for health, happiness and fun.
    People only have to ride for ten minutes to go into the prize draws and help their organisation climb the leaderboard - long enough to experience the joy of riding a bike and overcome some mental barriers to riding, and short enough to be an easy first step to taking up riding.
    Bike anywhere any time - it’s not about how fit people are or how far they ride.  Even a 10-minute ride around the park would count to score points.  People can score even more points by encouraging their friends, family and co-workers to ride as well. The points earned will help people climb the leaderboards and count as entries to win some amazing prizes.

    Riding a bike can help people get fitter, be happier and help save the planet.

    Cycle September is based on a tried and tested model – they have engaged over 570,000 people worldwide, including 132,000 ‘new riders’ - people who haven’t ridden a bike or have only ridden a few times in the 12 months prior to registration.

    Tameside Council’s Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Population Health, Councillor Eleanor Wills, said: “If you are looking for new ways to approach your health and the impact you have on the environment, then Cycle September will provide you with a fun platform to engage with other riders.  It also offers tips and guidance on cycling no matter if you are new to riding or looking to ride more frequently. 

    “I hope to see lots of people join in including Tameside Council colleagues.”

    It only takes 30 seconds to sign up at lovetoride.net.