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    How to shop and eat healthy nutritious meals on a tight budget

    Cooking tips and affordable recipes for young people and families with young children in Tameside are now available online.
    These are difficult times financially for many people who will be looking at ways to make their money stretch further on their weekly shopping bill.
    Each week Tameside’s Children’s Nutrition Team is creating new ideas to inspire and support young people and families with young children, to eat well during lockdown.  The weekly planners have a shopping list for five lunches costing £15 and have meal and recipe ideas that can be made with the items bought.  There is also a five day evening meal planner which is designed to feed a family of 4 for £30 with leftovers.
    The weekly planners can be used if people are looking for ways to eat healthily, make the most out of their ingredients or to cut back on spending on the food shop whilst keeping a balanced diet.
    The youth campaign BiteBack2030 is also giving tips and advice on how to prepare lunches with a weekly budget of £15 which will help many local residents who are claiming vouchers in place of free school meals.
    They have also set up live daily cooking demonstrations for young people to watch and cook along with each weekday at 12pm.  ‘Cook with Jack’, a chef from the Jamie Oliver Cookery School, is a fun interactive cooking session that falls within the weekly free school meal budget at a national mid-range supermarket.
    All families, including those in receipt of the £15 free school meal government voucher will be able to use these resources as a guide to buy affordable nutritious foods and make fantastic, healthy and wholesome meals. 
    Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Population Health, Councillor Eleanor Wills, said: “Life may feel strange at the moment and very overwhelming, especially when it comes to eating healthily on a tight budget.
    “I have tried the online cooking sessions with my children who found them highly entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the experience with them.”
    Liz Hibbott, Senior Nutrition Advisor, Children's Nutrition Team at Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust said: “The planners are designed to help families who are unsure of how best to spend their £15 voucher, to support anyone on a budget or even those just struggling for new ideas.  These nutritious and easy to follow recipes should appeal to everyone!”
    To find out more about healthy eating on a budget visit
    To watch Cook with Jack visit: https://www.biteback2030.com/real-story/cook-jack
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