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    Keep yourself warm and safe this winter

    Fresh winter health warnings have been announced by Public Health England after forecasts predict a return of falling temperatures, snow and ice for some in the coming days.

    Spells of weather like this can put older people, those with underlying health conditions and young children, at risk from a range of conditions because cold weather forces their bodies to work much harder than usual.

    Health officials in Tameside and Glossop are reminding residents to Stay Well This Winter by keeping warm and safe.

    Stay warm by heating your home to at least 18oC can be crucial to staying well.  Wearing several layers of light clothing and staying active can also help.  Keeping bedroom windows closed on winter nights as breathing in cold air can be bad for your health as it increases the risk of chest infections.

    Keep yourself safe and don’t let anyone in to your home who you are not expecting to call.  There is helpful advice and support available visit: http://www.tamesideandglossopccg.org/news/stay-well-this-winter-and-keep-safe-too

    If you have not had the flu vaccine, see your GP or local pharmacy.  If you are feeling unwell, think ‘3 before GP’.  You can self-care, use NHS Choices or similar reputable websites/resources or seek advice/treatment from a pharmacist.

    Lots of people get ill over winter and can tragically even die following cold conditions.  It’s important that we look out for our vulnerable relatives and neighbours. If we know anyone over 65, with young children or who is living with a long term health condition, keep an eye on them and consider what help they may need.

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