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    Online courses launched for Tameside parents and carers

    FROM dealing with the terrible twos to potty training – parents and carers in Tameside are being offered free online support and guidance to help them understand their children better.
    Tameside Council have invested in three award winning, quality marked, online courses provided by the Solihull Approach (a national NHS organisation for parenting approaches).  People with a Tameside postcode will be issued with an access code and the council are encouraging everyone to take advantage of this fantastic learning resource opportunity.
    These courses are suitable for people living in Tameside* who want to understand their child better; need some help with sleeping, potty training and being dummy free; who want to learn how to cope with the terrible 2s or teenage years; are pregnant or a parent to be and looking for some support to help them bond with their baby; a grandparent or carer needing help to understand the child in their care.
    The course for parents ‘Understanding your child’ was the first to be awarded the CANparent Quality Mark by the Government.
    The available courses are: Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby – antenatal course; Understanding your baby – postnatal course and Understanding your child - a course for parents of children aged 6 months to 18 years.  To register for a course go to www.inourplace.co.uk using the Tameside access code: SUNFLOWER.   
    The Solihull Approach is a UK programme, developed with the population of the UK and with research carried out on the UK population. It was established 20 years ago. It has been shown to have a high acceptance in other cultures too, such as Pakistan, Iceland, Australia, Ghana and Barbados. Resources are developed by professionals from health, education and elsewhere working together with parents.
    *Tameside postcode will be needed.