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    Revised Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) Consultation Document

    The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) explains how the National Park Authority will involve individuals, local communities and stakeholders in the preparation and revision of planning policy documents and the determination of planning applications.

    The SCI was first prepared in 2006 and was reviewed in 2012.  The document should be reviewed every 5 years and therefore, in line with these requirements, we are reviewing the document again.

    Pre-Consultation Stage

    A pre-consultation stage was undertaken with Statutory Consultees, Town and Parish Councils, the Peak Park Parishes Forum and planning agents between November and December 2017.  Thank you to those that responded; your comments were noted and/or resulted in changes to the SCI as now drafted.

    Changes made to the 2012 Statement of Community Involvement

    The Statement of Community Involvement Consultation Document has been updated in the following ways:

    • To reflect changes to organisations’ names and contact information.
    • To reflect changes to internal procedures.
    • To reflect changes in how Planning Aid now operates.
    • To ensure that the Authority notifies the relevant Town and Parish Council that a planning application has been withdrawn.
    • To direct those that have commented on a planning application (with the exception of Town and Parish Councils) to the Authority’s website to view the Decision Notice/Officer report rather than sending them a copy of the Decision Notice.
    • Town and Parish Councils will receive a copy of the Decision Notice for all applications that occur in their area, rather than just those that are contrary to their recommendation.  (This change reflects what is currently done by the Authority).
    • A section on the Brownfield Land Register, Permission in Principle and Technical Details Consent has been included and the terminology added to the Glossary.
    • In respect of the locations for depositing Development Plan Documents, all constituent Authorities have now been included.  Previously Barnsley, Oldham and North East Derbyshire Councils were excluded from Appendix 3. 
    • References to ‘Parish Speak’ have been removed and replaced with ‘Parish Bulletins’.
    • Reference is made to anonymous comments and that the Authority will not take these into account.
    • The Constituent and Neighbouring Local Authority map has been updated to correctly identify Cheshire East Council (previously described as East Cheshire Council).
    • The Parishes Accord has been removed from the main body of the text and placed in Appendix 1.
    • The Neighbourhood Planning section has been amended to make reference to the requirement that ‘more than 50% of voters agree’ rather than ‘50% of voters agree’ to reflect the wording contained in the relevant legislation.
    • An amended diagram has been included to illustrate the National Park Authority’s Development Plan Documents.
    • A map showing the location of the libraries where Development Plan Documents are deposited has been included.
    • The categorisation of planning applications has been amended to reflect legislation.
    • Table 3 (consultation guidelines for planning applications) has been expanded to include Lawful Development Certificates, departures, EIA applications, and developments affecting a Public Right of Way.  Conservation Area Consents have been deleted following their withdrawal and Listed Building Consent and Advertisement Consent have been placed in separate boxes.
    • The broadcasting of Planning Committee meetings and the subsequent ‘listen again’ function has been included, as well as changes to legislation that allow members of the public to record, photograph, film etc. open meetings.

    How to Comment

    Please send any comments you may have by email to ailsa.berry@peakdistrict.gov.uk or by post, marked for my attention, and sent to the address at the top of this letter.  The consultation will be open from Friday 9th March 2018 to 5pm on Friday 4th May 2018.