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    Future development plans for the Digital Health Centre

    PLANS to improve access to Intermediate Care are progressing after pledges made to address concerns were fulfilled.

    NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is centralising Intermediate Care beds into the Stamford Unit, adjacent to the Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (the hospital).

    At a meeting on Wednesday 23 May, the Strategic Commissioning Board (SCB) agreed to implement the plans after being satisfied that commitments made to address residents’ concerns have been met.

    Intermediate Care is for patients, usually older people, after leaving hospital or when they are at risk of being sent to hospital.

    The decision was taken to move bed-based care from Shire Hill to the Stamford Unit to improve Intermediate Care across Tameside and Glossop by ensuring effective clinical support can be provided to all our Intermediate Care beds. The relocation will improve the quality of care for patients, maintain job security and deliver financial savings.

    Following an extensive 12-week consultation process, SCB in January 2018 approved ‘Option 2’ to centralise the beds with the following mitigations:

    • Clear processes in place to enable some patients to be cared for in Glossop and therefore facilitate access as close to home as possible to maximise recovery.
    • Commissioning the maximum appropriate health and social service provision from Glossop Primary Care Centre (GPCC).
    • To examine further opportunities to deliver enhanced rehabilitation and recuperation at home.
    • To review annually the Intermediate Care home based offer and bed requirement across Tameside and Glossop to ensure future demand is continually assessed and planning for future local provision is adapted accordingly.

    Following Wednesdays meeting, The SCB agreed to progress with the move as they were satisfied that:

    • A process is being identified within the ICFT to facilitate the transfer of appropriate patients to Intermediate Care beds in Glossop. These will be purchased on an individual basis to meet the patient’s needs, ensuring that the provision is of sufficient quality, staffing and safety to provide high quality care.
    • Services in Glossop have been developed and enhanced, including a seven-day primary care service and a new weekly Extensive care clinic established in GPCC, where provision for Physiotherapy, OT, Therapy Outpatients and Pulmonary Rehab have also been made. The Digital Health service is also providing Glossop Care homes with access to hospital clinicians and an expansion in psychological therapies is to start in the autumn.
    • A dedicated Intermediate Care project group has been established to oversee and monitor the changes.

    The SCB had also requested progress towards an 80 per cent occupancy rate and increased service provision from GPCC and was assured that utilisation is already at around 80 per cent.

    Home First services that reduce the need for Intermediate Care beds and avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital by supporting more people to stay at or return to their home are continuing to be developed across Tameside and Glossop.

    Dr Alan Dow, Chair of NHS Tameside and Glossop CCG and SCB, said: “Following the consultation we made a series of commitments to address concerns that had been raised. I’m pleased that these have been met so that we can now progress with the plans to improve access to Intermediate Care while ensuring that a high-quality service is available for all who need it.”

    The purpose-built Stamford Unit offers single room en-suite accommodation, communal space for social interaction and is close to wider services at Tameside Hospital with quicker access to emergency vehicles should patients need to be readmitted to the hospital. It’s been designed to be dementia friendly enabling appropriate support to the most vulnerable patients.

    The move to centralise Intermediate Care beds will be a phased approach whereby patients are referred to the Stamford Unit as a step-up from home or a step-down from hospital. No patients will be simply transferred direct from one site to another.

    The Intermediate Care beds are run by Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust, which is rated as Good by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

    Papers relating to the board’s decision can be accessed at www.tamesideandglossopccg.org/corporate/strategic-commissioning-board