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What do you need to see in your record?

Your record should state that you have Asthma. 

What does that mean?

Listed below are some web links for asthma that you may wish to see.  Please note that asthma in CHILDREN is different to asthma in ADULTS. The treatment and management plans are different.  Asthma is a serious condition and can lead to death if not managed appropriately. 

Here are some links for Asthma which you may find interesting: 

What help is available for you to use?

Asthma is primarily managed by the practice nurses who are supported by the doctors in the practice.  The pharmacist knows a lot about the devices too and can help you too if you are not sure. 

What does asthma mean for you? 

You need to know what asthma is, what trigger factors cause your asthma to worsen, how to monitor your asthma (including ensuring you take your medicines on time, have your flu jab, ensure you stop smoking and have regular reviews of your asthma with your nurse or doctor), identify when your symptoms are worsening, what to do if you have an exacerbation (you should have a personal action plan) and see the nurse or doctor if you are admitted into hospital for a further review. 

What needs to happen now and in the future? 

The typical patient with asthma should: 

  • See the nurse at least once a year for a review of their asthma. This may need to be more often if your control is poor. 
  • Stop smoking -  If you are still smoking then it is essential you get help to stop smoking. 
What can you do to help?
  • Get access to your GP-held electronic health record. Without knowing what is in your records and what you need to do, it will be very hard to know what to do when and with who. This is an essential first step for anybody with any condition or who wants the best from the practice. 
  • Get a PEAK FLOW meter and bring your Peak Flow readings when you see your GP/Practice Nurse.