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Children's health information

Birth to Five handbook

Birth to Five is an easy-to-use and practical guide for parents. It gives the latest advice and information on all aspects of child health, immunisation, healthy eating, childhood illnesses, child safety and reducing the risk of cot death.

Fully illustrated with photographs, cartoons and helpful diagrams it explains: 

  • the first few weeks and how your child will develop
  • learning and playing, habits and behaviour
  • feeding the family
  • where to get help and advice 
  • your rights and benefits
Breastfeeding and solids 
Common Childhood illness book 
  • The Common Childhood Illness Book.  Every parent or carer wants to know what to do when a child is ill – use this application to learn how to care for your child at home, and when to call the Doctor and when to contact Emergency Services. 
Fever/Wheezy/Vomiting leaflets