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Children's centres and extended schools

Children's centres and extended schools are part of a national government backed programme to give more opportunities and better support to children. There are five areas that children and young people have said are particularly important for their well being:

  • to be healthy 
  • to stay safe 
  • to enjoy and achieve 
  • to make a positive contribution, to society and those around them 
  • to achieve economic well being 
Children's Centres and Extended Schools will help to meet these goals for all children and young people, through a range of exciting activities. 


What will Children's Centres offer? 
  • Child and family health services, such as information help and support for pregnant mums or open drop in sessions to get advice from the Health Visiting team on your child's health
  • Information on benefits, job and training opportunities 
  • Support for children with disabilities and/or additional needs, with swift and easy access to specialist services. 
  • Housing support services 
  • Family support and play opportunities including crèche facilities 
  • Activities to encourage speech and language development 
  • Full day care and early education , through existing private day nurseries, play groups, out of school club, local child minders and new provision to meet the needs of communities where needed. This high quality child care will be available from 8am - 6pm, five days a week, 48 weeks a year 

Children's Centres have built on the success of the Sure Start programmes in Tameside. There are 15 Children's Centres operational and by 2010 there will be a Children's Centre for every community in Tameside. For more information click here 

Service Information Directory 

The Service Information Directory (SID) is the new service directory aimed at children and young people, their families, and those who work with them. It provides information on a range of national and local organisations, together with their contact details and how to access them. The directory also includes voluntary organisations and group such as guides and scouts, youth clubs and other leisure activities. 

SID provides you with the most up to date programme of activities within the Children’s Centres.