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Learning from lives and deaths – People with a learning disability and autistic people (LeDeR)


Learning from Lives and Deaths

Research has shown that on average, people with a learning disability and Autistic people die earlier than general public and do not receive the same quality of care as people without a learning disability or an Autistic Diagnosis.
This isn’t right, so LeDeR reviews the lives and deaths to see where we can find areas of learning opportunities to improve, and examples of excellent practice.  This information is then used to improve services for people living with a learning disability.

Who Can notify us of a death?

Anyone can notify the death (family, friends, carers, professionals).  Although not mandatory the LeDeR programme is for the notification of all deaths of people with a learning disability over the age of 4. And all Adults with an Autism Diagnosis from the age of 18 years

To notify a death and find out more about LeDeR follow the link below

Annual Reports