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Breathe easy

Breathe Easy groups provide support and information for people living with a lung condition and for those who care for them. 

“People can feel very isolated but the Group is about mutual support and making people aware that there are others with the same conditions".

Ian Kenworthy, Chair of Tameside and Glossop Breathe Easy Group 

Ian was recently became the first ever patient appointed to the Board of the British Lung Foundation

He said: “Whenever you see a poster about lung disease it always inspires pity. There’s so much ignorance around lung disease.  People always assume patients are smokers but that’s not always the case.  It can be a condition you’re born with as well as one that you acquire”. 

Ian was also instrumental in setting up the Glossop Breathe Easy Group in 2015.

For more information on the Breathe Easy Groups please contact Heather Palmer.