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Patient Experience and Continuing Healthcare (PEACH)

At Tameside and Glossop we have been working on a project to develop a way to measure people’s experience of Continuing Healthcare (CHC). This care and support includes:

  • Throughout the CHC process
  • The support people are given by their local CHC team
  • The care people receive from the provider of the care, such as the care home with nursing or paid carers

We have now completed the project and Patient Experience Questionnaires are now sent to all Tameside and Glossop residents who have been through the Continuing Healthcare Process or are receiving Continuing Healthcare Support.

We are using the feedback we receive from patients and carers to help us understand and improve how people feel about the care and support provided.

If you are interested in more information including how the Patient Experience Questionnaires were developed and how we are using the information locally please contact: